Your Santa Barbara Halloween Guide

Santa Barbara is most often known and referred to as a city of class and elegance with itsexquisite location of the Pacific Ocean onone end and the Santa Ynez mountains on the other, along with the alluring estates, Old Spanish structure, and the “small town” feel it has to it.

But once late October rolls around, the city transforms itself for the festivities of another Santa Barbara Halloween weekend. Local businesses & homes decorate their properties, children make their final decisions for their costumes, residents flock pumpkin patches and Halloween stores for last minute purchases, and candy stores are swarmed with people who are stocking up on their bags of sweets to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

For this particular weekend there are two well-known places to be for the ultimate Halloween nightlife experience in Santa Barbara:

1. Downtown Santa Barbara (State Street). Locals and people from surrounding cities; ranging anywhere from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles, come into town for the Halloween festivities. State Street is slowly filled with people who roam up and down the street catching a glimpse at the different costumes on display for the night. Special events are hosted by some of the most popular clubs/restaurants such as EOS, Union Ale, Tonic, Sandbar, Madison’s and Wildcat… just to name a few. On this particular weekend State Street is transformed into a strip of entertainment with people dressed up in their costumes and ready for a night of amusement.

2. Isla Vista (Del Playa Drive). This particular area/event is located near the Cities’ University, UCSB and pertains particularly for the students of UCSB and Santa Barbara City College. However, many students from different colleges& universities come to Isla Vista for this special occasion. UCSB Halloween in Isla Vista is well known as the “party to be at” that students travel huge distances to attend. As the day goes on and the sun begins to set, Del Playa Drive is slowly swarmed with thousands of student and by nightfallbecomes a Halloween party hotspot. The amount of people walking through the street is so immense that additional security measures need to be taken by the city to keep some sort of order throughout the night; more police officers are called in for the event than that of the Old Spanish Days Fiestas. Students continue to roam the street and hop from house party to house party throughout the night enjoying themselves and their surroundings. This particular location on Halloween is amongst one of the best to be at in the country if you’re a college student looking for a memorable night I suggest you plan for it next year if you don’t have it penciled in to your calendar this year.

These two events will take place from Thursday the 27th – Saturday the 29th of October. Halloween will land on a Monday this year, which means the streets, will be safer for children to walk around their neighborhoods with their friends and family. So whether you’re looking for a fun night out for Halloween or looking to head out for a night of trick-or-treating, Santa Barbara is a great place to do so.

Written by:
Saul Plasencia
Business Development Executive
Work In Santa Barbara

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