Website Analytics, Analysis and Design

One thing that just about everyone focuses on is the aesthetic appeal of their website design. And why not? It is the the thing you notice first. Unfortunately, a lot of times the functionality of a website can get lost in the creative process. There is just no strategy behind it, rather its only purpose is to be easy on the eye. Well what if there was a service that helped combine both a great site design, functionality and generated leads… would you be interested?

Jason Paul Marketing has put together a new A/B testing service that will analyze your initial site, provides new layouts with call to actions and analytic reports that track what people are doing while they are on your site. For business of any kind looking to get more out of their website, this service proves to be extremely important because you get to learn the behavior of your target market via your website. Therefore, you can cater your products to their needs depending on their actions are, but also rearrange your site to generate more leads.

This service combined with our optional search engine optimization services, not only can businesses increase their online rankings and improve their internet marketing efforts, but also provide a functional website that fits the need of their consumers.

To get a better insite of exactly what this service entails, sign up for one of our free webinars where we will dive into detail and go through the step by step process with a few of our current clients who have signed up for the service.

Visit our blog at or our facebook page at to find out about our webinar dates and sign up.

beams&bricksWebsite Analytics, Analysis and Design

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