Video Marketing Essentials

As many marketers know, video marketing can be a great way to not only present a message to the public, but also make the message fun and easy to digest. At the same time, video marketing can be a tricky form to tackle.

Because all of your content is delivered orally, consumers can tune out just as quickly as they can tune in. Your call to action is much easier to ignore than a large and glaringly colorful button on a webpage that says, “Sign Up Now for Free!”

Because of these potential setbacks, it is incredibly important that you take extra care when using this medium of communication.

In order to stay on top of your video marketing game, try out some of these ideas and suggestions.

Test drive your content.

Because your call to action is delivered through speech in video marketing, it’s important that you are sure your target audience will like your content enough to watch the video.

Many marketers will release videos unsure of how their target audience will react.

One of the best ways to improve your video marketing success is to send out a secure version of your video to friends, contacts and other individuals who fit your target audience and ask them to give you feedback.

This act will give you an idea of how compelling your call to action is, and what your wider audience might like and dislike about the video, before you release it for everyone to see.

Remember that the first few seconds are the most important.

When someone stumbles across your video on the Internet, they are likely to only watch it for the first 6 or 7 seconds before deciding whether to continue watching or exit the browser.

To conquer the attention span problem of this tech-savvy age, you must engage your target audience within the first few seconds of your video.

Make the first line of your video extremely specific.  You’ll lose the viewers who are not a part of your target audience and retain those who you have a good chance of persuading.

While the instinct of many marketers is to engage the widest audience possible, this often leads to generic messages that deter most viewers.

Even if your generic message manages to capture more viewers, it may ultimately lead to fewer conversions.  In short, it’s not so much about how many people are watching as it is about how many of the right people are watching. 

Video Marketing Process

Optimize Your Video for SEO. 

While this is a given for almost all marketing initiatives, we must reiterate the importance of optimizing your video for SEO.

Just like any other form of digital marketing content, search engines must be able to find your videos.

It’s important, of course, not to fall into the keyword trap and pack your entire video full of keywords rather than important content.

That being said, lacing your video message with a few important keywords here and there, and placing the main keyword in your video’s title, can go a long way in optimizing your video.


As with all things marketing, the more you share your video, the better!

Marketing is about interaction and engagement, whether it’s with consumers, businesses, or even other marketers.

To succeed in video marketing, you should share your video on a variety of blogs and social media platforms.

The more you share your video, the more visible it becomes! This may help your search engine rankings, ultimately putting you on the road toward more conversions.



beams&bricksVideo Marketing Essentials

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