The Power of a Logo

A company’s logo is not always considered to be the most important aspect of company development or product branding, but when used properly, it can be a very powerful asset. A good logo can be the difference between a successful start up and a failure. Now, obviously “good” is a subjective term, but in this instance it is appropriate to define a “good” logo as one that accomplishes three main concepts.

Invokes emotion from the targeted audience.

To touch on the first point, it is important your logo invokes emotion from the targeted audience you’re trying to reach. When your customers look at the logo, how does it make them feel? If you’re a company like ESPN, you would want your logo to conjure emotions synonymous with excitement and action. If you’re a hedge fund you would most likely want your logo to convey other emotions, perhaps strength and strategy.
Has significant meaning behind it.

Your logo is present on everything your company produces, from internet marketing campaigns to the web design of your website, to the letter head of your documents. You’re going to be looking at it a lot. Don’t just choose any old pre-made logo for your business, create something special, something that brings you pride whenever you see it!

Is unique and recognizable.

When you see the golden arches of McDonald’s “M” you know what it is. When you see the lowercase “f” of Facebook, you don’t need to think for a minute. When people see your logo, you want them to immediately know who you are. Brand recognition is critical to ensuring your company gets noticed in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Though it isn’t generally considered as such, the design of a logo is an important aspect of a company’s branding as well as marketing. Often times it can be the difference between success and failure. When considering the web design, development, and marketing campaigns of your company, your logo matters, make it count!

beams&bricksThe Power of a Logo

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