The Importance of Local Optimization

Local Optimization along with SEO, SEM and Social Media marketing can play a large role in the search capabilities of ones business.  For mom-and-pop business without the knowledge or capabilities to enact a paid or organic search campaign, submitting ones business to online local directories such as: Google, Yahoo & Bing can help increase ones visibility and online traffic on the local scale.  This, in many ways can help kick start a company’s online visibility, but also increase ones foot traffic.

How can this be?

In the last year, Google has drastically changed the layout of its Google places.  No longer do organic searches rank first, but rather local listings lie at the top of the search.  For business looking to just target their local market, this can dramatically help their business.  With the increasingly high volume of local searches companies of all kinds can now be found via your mobile apps or on local area of your search results.

Now more than ever, it is extremely important to incorporate all aspects of searches into ones campaign such as organic, paid, social media and local. This allows ones company to take a holistic approach, but also touch on all forms of communication and exposure with ones target market.

Proven Results

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beams&bricksThe Importance of Local Optimization

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