StuffDOT: A New Approach to Social Media

Are you an avid social media user? Do you dream about tweets, hashtags and re-blogging? Maybe you love to shop, or better yet – both! If this sounds like you, then continue reading.

Spending countless hours on the internet can actually earn you money. That’s right…you can get paid for posting and re-blogging your favorite things online!

How, you ask?  It sounds too good to be true.  The answer is StuffDOT. This week on the JPM Blog, we’re featuring the StuffDOT company. Founded in 2012, StuffDOT is an all-in-one website that allows users to share, shop and browse.

StuffDOT Ad

StuffDOT Ad ℅

On StuffDOT, users post photos of things that they like or own, just like one would on a website such as Pinterest.

The great part, though, is that whenever someone clicks on your link and buys whatever it is you’ve posted, you earn rewards.

When you’ve earned enough rewards, you can use them in the form of StuffDOT giftcards to purchase items from many of your favorite stores featured on the website.

The money used to purchase will no longer just go to StuffDOT or Nordstrom, for example, because you’re the one who posted the content that led to the sale. Cool, right?

StuffDOT Website

StuffDOT’s Website features a simple layout. ℅

StuffDOT began with a group of people working in social media, online marketing and loyalty.  These people had one particular thing in common: they could not understand why users posting about shopping and consumer items on social media weren’t being rewarded for the sales generated through their posts.

When one team member posted a bracelet she liked online, the post went viral, causing a six week backlog to purchase that bracelet! The group realized that if she had earned money from all the referrals the bracelet retailers got from her post, she would have earned enough money for the bracelet and more!

The team knew something had to be done.  They got together, and soon enough, StuffDOT was created.

Today, StuffDOT is more than just a website. The company owns two offices, one in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the other in Santa Monica, California. They also have mobile apps, so that you can DOT, or post, things from the convenience of your mobile phone.

This particular company is an incredible example of how social media marketing can be used to not only to engage and connect people, but also generate sales and monetary gain.

StuffDOT App for Android

The StuffDOT app allows users to shop and post from the convenience of their mobile phone. ℅

The best part about StuffDOT is that anyone can use it, and many get rewarded for doing so. Social media marketing is no longer just for businesses, but for individuals as well.

The idea can be extended beyond shopping.  For example, platforms could be created to generate money through the recommendation of services such as hair salons, daycares, tutoring centers and restaurants.

Many businesses have similar referral programs in place in order to reward customers who bring in new business. However, consolidating the referral system into a few websites would not only create an incredible source of information for the general public, but also streamline the referral process.

This could be the beginning of a new type of social media marketing.

If you like what you’ve read today, be sure to check out StuffDOT’s website and see if it’s something you could benefit from!

beams&bricksStuffDOT: A New Approach to Social Media

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