SEO Practices: The Importance of Staying Current

When it comes to reaching their clients and customers, companies today are always searching for the next best way to ensure their SEO Practices and Search Engine Marketing campaigns are effective. Search Engine Optimization has long been touted as one of the most precise tools in ensuring one’s web pages are viewed by customers. As a part of that, many companies have been more heavily using textual SEO, the process of optimizing text-based content to utilize keywords pertinent to the advertised product or service. In some instances, the idea that “more keywords is better” has been put into effect. However, one must be wary when pursuing this idea in search engine optimization, as many search engines penalize sites that perform SEO Practices generally seen as “shady” or “unscrupulous.”

At the same time as the strategies on how best to perform SEO are changing and evolving, so too are the algorithms and crawler bots used by large search engine companies. Foremost among these companies, Google is always on the leading edge of this ever advancing frontier. So what does this mean for your SEO? It means certain strategies become quickly outdated. For instance, as mentioned above, packing applicable keywords into your site’s textual content is now considered “keyword stuffing” and frowned upon by the industry. As the technology on how to rank search results has advanced, the amount of keywords per page has become less and less important. If Google determines your site is performing “keyword stuffing” or other less-than-savory actions, it will penalize you in the search rankings. For this reason it is vitally important to stay up to date on the newest trends and news in the world of SEO. It’s a fast moving industry, but for those that stay up to date, there are considerable pay offs.

beams&bricksSEO Practices: The Importance of Staying Current

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