Scary Good Marketing Opportunities this Halloween

As we know, Halloween is just around the corner! Though it may seem that the holiday is about candy, costumes and screaming children, Halloween presents a unique opportunity for companies of all natures. This opportunity can be described in one word: marketing.

Last Halloween, Procter and Gamble’s famous detergent brand Tide took intentional advantage of this window of opportunity.

In October 2013, Tide launched its Scared Stainless campaign using the popular Vine video platform to go viral.  The campaign featured seven Vines, each of them spoofs of scenes from classic scary movies like “The Ring” and “Carrie”. The videos creatively incorporated a Tide detergent bottle and ended with a catchy tagline: “Stains better be scared.”  Simple, memorable, and appropriately scary, Tide’s unique Halloween Vines left a lasting impression on social media users everywhere.

Want to follow in Tide’s footsteps this Halloween season?

Tide's spoof on the movie, "Carrie."

Tide recreates a scene from the scary movie, “Carrie.”

Tide's Vine spoof on ,"Psycho."

Tide’s Vine spoof on the movie, “Psycho.”


Here are a few steps your company can take:

1. Come Up With a Memorable Tagline

Taglines etch themselves in the minds of your consumers and remind them of your brand long after the campaign.  People everywhere think of “Scared Stainless” when they throw a load of dirty laundry into their washing machines.

When creating your tagline, come up with a phrase that is short, clever, and easy to remember.  The best line will contain key words that are related to your brand.  Tide’s tagline, for example, contained the word “stain.”

2. Focus On Awareness

If you are outside the food or apparel industries, your Halloween-themed marketing campaigns may not correlate to direct sales.  However, you can still maximize brand awareness and stand out amongst your competitors.

While few are specifically looking to change detergent brands during the Halloween season, hundreds of thousands of people across the country remember the Tide Vine series.

The point is, after the Halloween dust settles, consumers will be more likely to consider brands they remember.

Take advantage of marketing during the Halloween season and create a buzz surrounding your brand!

3. Utilize Social Media

Speaking of awareness, one of the best ways to reach the largest possible audience is through social media platforms. When you plan your SM campaign, pay attention to your key words. If you haven’t already, use Google Adwords, Keywords and Google Trends to figure out what words people search related to your brand.

Place these words in your description, or even better, include one in your tagline. This is a guaranteed way to improve your website or campaign page’s search engine ranking, gain more views, and subsequently attract more consumers.

4. Get Into the Halloween Spirit

guiness halloween ad

Guinness Halloween Ad

halloween mini cooper ad

Mini Cooper “Boo,” Halloween

While your product may seem unrelated to Halloween, a little creativity can create a lasting impression! Decorate your website with Halloween spirit or consider making a seasonal change to your social media sites.

This can be as simple as using scary-themed fonts, incorporating black and orange, or even pop up pumpkins, bats and other animated decals. Working with your website design team to incorporate these changes could result in a major positive impact.

5. Don’t Forget About Content

While you want your Halloween marketing campaigns to revolve around creating awareness, it’s important that your company website and social media pages have quality content.

This content should be about your products and/or services.

Make sure your website is informative, engaging and easy for consumers to navigate. This will reinforce the quality and integrity of your brand, leading consumers to believe that they are making the right choice in doing business with you.

beams&bricksScary Good Marketing Opportunities this Halloween

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