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How important are custom Facebook pages in Social Media?

Nowadays, everyone is talking about the importance of social media in their Internet marketing campaign. If you are not doing it, you are simply falling behind because rest assured that your competitor is.

But what exactly do you want in your social media marketing campaign? And where do you start?


Well, as we all know, Facebook is the social media giant. Anyone that can begin to compete with Google and alter an entire search engine such as Bing is hands down the social media giant in my book. So start there and center your efforts around your Facebook page. Because a lot of your views stemming from social media will come from Facebook, it is important to have a fullblown custom Facebook page that reflects your brand, product and image as you would like it to be seen and also mimics your website.

So how do you start?

Start by setting up individual pages, just like your website. Have an About page, a Contact page and Services/Product page. This will allow you to literally have your website on your Facebook page. Next, make sure your Twitter account and YouTube channel is integrated with your Facebook page. This helps streamline your social media efforts because it will automatically notify your users of any updates to your Facebook page, but also post all updates from your Twitter account and YouTube channel. Therefore, ensuring your message and latest news is being spread out via all social media channels.

Another key component to your Facebook page is to have it display your blog from your website and update your consumers of any new post or news about your company. This will not only help you spread your message to a wider audience, but also entice people to begin viewing and subscribing to your blog/site.

Social Media Marketing Santa BarbaraIt is hard to deny social media. Its integration to your site can literally dictate the equity of your site. Therefore, increasing its ranking and standing in Google’s eyes and all other search engines. Which at the end of the day increases your traffic and the possibility to increase your overall conversions.

Now some may think blogging and updating is a tedious task, but simply following the instructions that have been laid out or setting up your accounts on sites like and TweetDeck, you can post and blog from one site with the simple push of a button. Helping you get your news out to the public in a efficient manner beneficial to you and your business.

Written by Chris Placencia

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