Why Your Employees Are Your Best Brand Ambassadors

Branding is an art, a science, and most importantly, one of the most crucial aspects of any business. Companies pour huge sums of money into logo design, taglines, advertisements, digital media and more to ensure that their brand stands out amongst all the others. And with good reason, too! Whether you’re an auto repair shop

SEO vs. SEM: The Difference and How Each Works

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing, or SEO and SEM, are two of the most confused terms in digital marketing. Is there even a difference? Though these terms are often used interchangeably, the answer to this question is yes. There is, indeed, a difference between SEO and SEM. Essentially, SEO is just one component

Personalized Marketing, 1:1 Communication

In the digital and technology driven age we now live in, marketers are always talking about the importance of targeted marketing campaigns. Advice such as, “get to know your target market,” and, “find out who your consumers are,” is doled out in abundance. In a society that is constantly exposed to digital media, marketers are stopping

Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Networking is one of the unwritten rules and requirements of many jobs. People in almost any career, from marketing to medicine, benefit from some old-fashioned networking. Essentially, networking is a way to meet more people and expose your company, profession or business to them. At the end of the day, the more connections you have with people,

Content Marketing: What and How

In almost every blog we’ve published, we’ve talked about content. Whether we’re discussing social media, branding, digital marketing, or the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, it all boils down to quality content. We thought it was time to finally address the topic in a blog of its own. What exactly is content marketing? And how does one

StuffDOT: A New Approach to Social Media

Are you an avid social media user? Do you dream about tweets, hashtags and re-blogging? Maybe you love to shop, or better yet – both! If this sounds like you, then continue reading. Spending countless hours on the internet can actually earn you money. That’s right…you can get paid for posting and re-blogging your favorite things

Sloppy Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

To many, social media appears to be the easiest, most simple marketing strategy to put together. Post short and clever thoughts or comments and gain more followers…right? Not necessarily. Most people don’t realize that social media is a bit trickier than it may seem at first glance. To help you out, here are a few of the most common sloppy

Video Marketing Essentials

As many marketers know, video marketing can be a great way to not only present a message to the public, but also make the message fun and easy to digest. At the same time, video marketing can be a tricky form to tackle. Because all of your content is delivered orally, consumers can tune out

B2B vs. B2C Marketing

It was the advertising boom of the 1960’s that paved the way to modern day marketing.  Since then, advertising and marketing have been all about the consumer: What do consumers want? How do we appeal to them?  Which consumers should we appeal to? While consumers seem to be at the heart of most advertising and

Valentine’s Day Marketing: Tips and Tricks

Holidays are typically a chance to spend time with loved ones, take a vacation, or simply celebrate a special occasion. For marketers, however, holidays are also the perfect time to draw in more consumers. Whether it’s candy and costumes on Halloween, presents for the Christmas season, or teddy bears and roses on Valentine’s Day, holidays