Blackberry Introduces its New Line, Signs Alicia Keys

Blackberry introduced its new line of phones today, the Blackberry z10 and Blackberry 10. It is their first competitive touch screen technology, but it comes long after Apples iPhone and Google Androids. Currently Research in Motion only holds about 4.6% of the phone user market, an extremely large drop after reports of possible bankruptcy and downsizing were released in the past year.

Blackberry is completely going through a revamping phase, even changing its company name from Research in Motion to the adopted Blackberry. Its Nasdaq trading symbol will now be BBRY.

They have even gone as far as recruit Alicia Keys as a “Creative Director” to try and bring coolness back to the company.

Its clear that Blackberry is trying to make a comeback and salvage its company, but is it too late? It took them this long to come out with touch screen technology so does this mean they will always be 1-2 years behind on every new technology? And what about apps, will they work for Blackberry?

As a one time Blackberry user I am glad they have finally put something out to market, but I am skeptical. At $200 with a 2-year contract is worth finding out? You be the judge.

beams&bricksBlackberry Introduces its New Line, Signs Alicia Keys

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