4 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2015

With the holidays over and 2015 in full swing, many business owners and marketers are beginning to think about new goals and objectives for the year ahead.

To celebrate both the New Year and new beginnings, we’re bringing to light a few marketing trends to stick with in 2015.

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or simply expand upon your existing one, these techniques might help you achieve better results for your marketing initiatives.

1. Creative, Engaging Content

As branding becomes more specific and specialized, it’s important to do more with your content than simply dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.

Your content must not only be engaging and relevant, but also creative – it should represent the finest quality possible.

Create copy that is written to fit the preferences of your target market. This is important because there is no longer room for generic content in today’s media crazed world.

If your managers and employees have too much on their plate and can’t generate enough quality content, consider outsourcing the work to agencies that specialize in creating content.

2. Micro-Targeting

Micro-targeting is a marketing strategy that uses consumer data and demographics to identify individuals or small groups of like-minded individuals and influence their thoughts or actions.  It’s also the new strategy for 2015. Rather than developing strategies and content that can be used for multiple marketing initiatives, make customization your new objective.

Really get to know your target market and its niche subsets. Figure out the needs and motivations of your buyers and capitalize on this so that you can create more relevant content.

Creating these personalized lines of communication that will speak directly to your target consumers may require sifting through a lot of data and information, but the results will be well worth it.

Taking the time to appeal to specific groups is the only way to go, as most consumers today have caught on to mass marketing and advertising strategies. 

Micro-Targeting groups


3. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Mobile phones are the most convenient, commonly used form of technology today.

In order to be a successful marketer in today’s world, it is extremely important that you develop and master an effective mobile marketing strategy.

This means readjusting your content so that it can be viewed on the screens of mobile devices, as well as rescaling photos and images. You may even need to cut down on the amount of content you display on your mobile apps and sites, so quality is key.

Your mobile sites and apps should be convenient and load quickly.  Remember that we live in an age where instant gratification rules.

4. Paid Social Media Advertising

Last, but certainly not least, using paid media and advertising is a strategy that is here to stay. Many social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter offer sponsored ad placements that are guaranteed to reach a specific audience.

The days of free reach ads are long over. Nowadays, if you don’t pay, your target followers or audience will most likely never see any of your content.

The best way to make use of this new promotional strategy without spending huge sums of money is to evaluate which social platforms give you the most followers, and what types of digital content are performing best for you.

Optimizing the type of content you publish and the websites on which you post this content will ensure that your money is being put to good use.

Paid Social Media Advertising Pinterest

Paid Social Media Advertising On Pinterest


beams&bricks4 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2015

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